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Separated Fathers inc.

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Keep your balance in the separation

Being informed, is making the right choice!


Lawyers, legal assistance and referral services

Association des avocats et avocates en droit familial du Québec (AAADFQ):

514 954-3471 or 1 800 361-8495 #3471 

Legal Aid : Eligibility requirements. Commission des services juridiques.

Commission des services juridiques: (Legal Aid)

Association de médiation familiale du Québec514 990-4011 

Barreau du Québec (Montreal): 514 866-2490;   

Barreau de Québec (Quebec city): 418 529-0301; 

Family assistance allowances: To whom are Child assistance payments made, in shared custody?


More Legal Info: Accessible & Affordable Legal Services

Guide to Represent Yourself In Court- Family Affairs

Need a lawyer at an affordable price? Referral service, 30 min for $30., service in preparation for hearing, limited scope services...

HAS /SAH : Homologation assistance service. Services Québec - Citoyen

Your conflict, Your solutions (with another individual), Guide to settling a conflict in mediation, without going through the courts

SARPA :  is Quebec’s child support recalculation service

Greater Montreal Community Justice Center- Free Legal counselling 

Centre de Justice de Proximité ; Through-out Quebec

Educaloi : 

Ministère de la justice :

 Ministère de la justice : Separation & Divorce

Pro Bono Québec514 904-1076 

Tarifs for legal services in Quebec. Published by le Barreau du Québec -2016-. In french only.

Form / Child Support Payments

Ministère de la Justice : Child support determination form

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