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Separated Fathers inc.

Keep your balance in the separation

Participatory Justice ; an alternative to a win-lose!


Participatory justice is a different way of asserting your rights and making it easier for you to access justice by giving you an opportunity, with the assistance of your lawyer, to opt for a solution to prevent and settle your dispute  based on your needs, your interests and your pocket. Since January 2016, when the new Code of Civil Procedure came into force, your lawyer has been duty-bound to inform you of these processes and you are obliged to consider them.


Family mediation; Family mediation helps you settle the issues that arise following a break-up without going to court.


Ministère de la Justice: Parenting after separation information session


Ministère de la Justice: Search for family mediator


Association de médiation familiale du Québec: 

Find a family mediator by using your postal code


The Barreau du Québec

Need a mediator?

Your conflict, Your solutions (with another individual), Guide to settling a conflict in mediation, without going through the courts



Barreau du Québec

Guide des normes des pratiques en médiation familiale du Québec (available in french only)


Direction de la protection de la jeunesse (Centres jeunesse): 514 842-5181 

Batshaw Centres: Batshaw Youth and Family Centres: 514-935-6196


Supervised visits and transfer of custody of children


Centre Desjardins: 514 252-7442 


AMCAL: 514 694-3161


Maison de la famille Pierre Bienvenu Noailles (Montreal): 514 337-1522 


Le petit pont (Longueil): 450 448-3732  


Youth protection centres

Batshaw Youth and Family Centres
Centre jeunesse de Montréal


Defense of human right


Canadian Human Rights Commission: 1 888 643-3304


Commission des droits de la personne et de la jeunesse: 1 800 361-6477; 514 873-5146


Ligue des droits et libertés: 514 849-7717; 418 522-4506


Protecteur du citoyen: 1 800 463-5070


Montréal: Organisation pour la Sauvegarde des Droits des Enfants: 514 593-4303; 1 800 361-8453


Association des grands-parents du Québec: 514 745-6110 ; 418 529-2355 ; 


Child kidnapping (international) 


Alerte Amber: (911)


Direction du droit administratif (Ministère de la Justice du Québec): 418 646-1696

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