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Separated Fathers inc.

Keep your balance in the separation

Activity Report

The annual report of activities includes highlights such as administrative changes, the activities offered, the annual general meeting, etc.


2022-2023 Activity Report      Download PDF file

(In French only)


2021-2022 Activity Report          Download PDF file

2020-2021 Activity Report          Download PDF file

2019-2020 Activity Report          Download PDF file

2018-2019 Activity Report          Download PDF file

2017-2018 Activity Report          Download PDF file

2016-2017 Activity Report          Download PDF file

2015-2016 Activity Report          Download PDF file

2014-2015 Acitivity Report         Download PDF file

2013-2014 Activity Report          Download PDF file

2012-2013 Activity Report          Download PDF file

2011-2012 Activity Report          Download PDF file

2010-2011 Activity Report          Download PDF file


Brochure (English version)      Download PDF file

Brochure (French version)       Download PDF file

Couverture Rapport 2022-2023.png
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