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Separated Fathers inc.

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Keep your balance in the separation

High-level tips to cope with stress during separation

How to take care of self in order to take better care of my child

What is stress? Separation: Acute stress or chronic stress?


Here are some helpful tips we find useful in being with separated fathers.


  • Don't  isolate yourself. Share your grief & pain with professionals.


  • Exercise.Try to maintain a healthy life style. 


  • Your sleep is of paramount importance in your day to day.


  • Stick to a routine. 


  • Take steps to ease the signs of stress; walking, meditation, listen to music. 


  • Work on the 'here & now' so to be better present when with your child who is                     also coping with the loss. 


  • Prioritize what is urgent vs what is important.


  • Think in terms what is in your control.


How to assess your stress


How do you assess stress? How do you measure stress?

By clicking on the title, you will find a variety of tools to

help assess your stress. Some of these tools are simple

and fun. Some are more scientific and complex. But each of

them has been selected to increase your understanding of stress in your life. 


Ten helpful personal & coparenting communication tools 

  • How to communicate with your partner in a coparenting way; for the love of your child!

  • How to  dialogue vs discuss;  A new way to communicate, I may not agree with you, but I hear your need.

  • How to maintain healthy boundaries; how fatherhood helps us make the right choice.

  • How to bring perspective during difficult times; a step at a time And always focus on the bigger picture!

  • How to manage your emotions; 1st step, recogninzing anxiety, sadness,shame and anger, helps!

  • How to assert yourself; meaning how to respect myself while respecting my partner's needs; yr partner's needs, may need to be heard!

  • How your non-verbal speaks more than what you say; your child sees right through!

  • How to manage your circle of control vs your circle of concern; focus on what is in your power!

  • How to manage conflict; or how not to sacrifice the long term for the short term; this transition is only temporary!

  • How to take care of self in order to be more present for you child; for the better care of your child!

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