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Separated Fathers inc. is an established referral center reaching out to men and separated fathers experiencing a family transition due to a marital break-up. We support the health and wellness of fathers so to maintain and strengthen the father -child bond in the spirit of co-parenting in a sustaining healthy community.




Coaching & supporting men and fathers experiencing difficulties throughout the separation process to maintain and strengthen a healthy father-child relationship in a co-parenting spirit while ensuring their own health and well-being.


The outcome is to reduce family tensions and their negative effects on the child, prevent paternal disengagement or suicidal behaviour, family violence or parental alienation.




Our approach consists of helping separated fathers and men during this transition to overcome the isolation through mutual aid and a supportive social network. We encourage them to rely on their personal strengths and parental capacity in a coparenting spirit, while promoting member participation, peer and social solidarity.


Our Values - at the heart of our services and activities


  • To greet with compassion; understanding wants and needs without judgement.


  • Respect and cherish the ethnic, cultural and gender diversity; appreciating and growing on our differences through dialogue & openness in the best interest of our children and community.



  • Co-parenting; to communicate & collaborate in the best interest of our child’s well-being and development.



  • Solidarity and generativity; to promote and encourage a positive fatherhood parenting and coparenting, passing on to our next generation and on our entire community.

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