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Keep your balance in the separation

I am separated, what should I do?

10 Rules to follow



  • Seek information before making a decision you might regret;


  • Do not hesitate to ask for help, avoid isolating yourself;


  • Take care of your health and well-being;


  • Learn to manage conflict, for your child’s best interest;


  • Share what you are going through;


  • Give yourself sufficient time to heal the loss;


  • Keep communication line opened;


  • Seek what is in your control;

  • Maintain a personal journal;

  • Learn to 'let go', does not mean to forget.

Ten helpful personal & coparenting communication tools 

  • How to communicate with your partner in a coparenting way; for the love of your child!

  • How to  dialogue vs discuss;  A new way to communicate, I may not agree with you, but I hear your need!

  • How to maintain healthy boundaries; how fatherhood helps us make the right choice.

  • How to bring perspective during difficult times; a step at a time while focusing on the bigger picture!

  • How to manage your emotions; 1st step, recogninzing anxiety, sadness,shame and anger, helps!

  • How to assert yourself; meaning how to respect myself while respecting my partner's needs; yr partner's needs, may need to be heard!

  • How your non-verbal speaks more than what you say; your child sees right through!

  • How to manage your circle of control vs your circle of concern; focus on what is in your power!

  • How to manage conflict; or how not to sacrifice the long term for the short term; how to make this transiton only temporary!

  • How to take care of self in order to be more present for you child; for the better care of your child!

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