Separated Fathers inc.

Keep your balance in the separation

2019-2020 Board of Directors


Alexandre Dubert        President

Executive Director

CooPère Rosemont


Martin Laurence          Vice-President

Classroom Supervisor

Commission scolaire de Montréal



Manon Bonin               Treasurer

Executive Director

Carrefour Parenfants



Marc-André Ferguson Secretary

Head of Product & Customer Success

Contxful Technologies



Samy Staltari               Ombudsman


Hammerschmid & associates


Cory Narbonne            Administrator

Customer Service


Alexandre Paradissis  Administrator


Patrick Cavalier,  coparenting coach and coordinator, Sylvain Camus, founder, and Robert Declos, former president of  Separated Fathers -May 14, 2015

Permanent employees:


René Bouffard        coparenting coach & executive director

Patrick Cavalier      coparenting coach & coordinator

Mike Santoro           coparenting coach 

Stéphane Masson  coparenting coach (In training)


Volunteer - facilitator of the support group:


Robert Declos  

Legal clinics and conferences:


Samy Staltari           lawyer, Hammerschmid & Associates




Pierre L’Heureux    consultant for the development of the « Separated Fathers' best practices training guide »

Sylviane Thibault   accounting support 

René Bouffard, 

Excecutive Director

Members of our team


The team of Separated Fathers consists of three permanent employees working a four day week and dedicated volunteers and consultants, committed to the health & wellness of men/fathers and their children in the coparenting spirit.

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