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Separated Fathers inc.

Keep your balance in the separation

What fathers have to say about our services


Short testimonies and comments which follow are taken from forms of surveys of fathers we have helped over the past years.

Separated Fathers inc. evaluates on an almost annual basis the quality of its services and the satisfaction of its members. These surveys are part of a process of continuous improvement of its activities and services, and this for the benefit of fathers and their children.


                       "It helped me to meet with fathers who had experienced the same thing as me and had to listen to me."


       "The people I met were all welcoming and generous with their time. I have good memories and I appreciate the help they provided me."


       "The mission of Separated Fathers is to help the father, more on the emotional side that legal, but they can still answer my most legal matters. My situation is complex. My expectations are very high. I would almost be supported. It is not a pressure group, but rather a help movement."


       "I created valuable links with other fathers. It helped me a lot."


       "I arrived exhausted ... they helped me to steady myself, to conclude and even make gains in Family Court."


       "Their advice is always to place the child first. Because in the end the father will not feel good, if the child is not. In the background, we must focus on how our child will get through this period and how we can act on its well-being."


      "It gives hope to meet with fathers that have evolved more in their thoughts. It does not gives you permanent custody of your children, except it allows you among others to change your mental approach."


      "They understand me."


      "Thank you .... I am still alive today!" 

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